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8:00 pm 11/10/12

As should be apparent, we've just uploaded a new version of the website. As well as the minor cosmetic changes (it should be rather more practical for widescreen monitors now), it's now possible for you to edit your membership. This means you can add a hotel booking if you didn't make one when you first signed up for Au Contraire 2013, or change which nights you're staying, or upgrade you membership from supporting to attending, etc. Just log in to the site and check out the Membership page. Please let us know if you encounter any issues with the site!


7:09 pm 4/04/13

What is the difference between the memberships?

Unwaged, waged and solidarity???


10:18 am 5/04/13

Basically, it's pay what you can afford. There are tool tips on the membership form, but they might not be visible in all browsers.

Unwaged: For students, beneficiaries, children, and others on low incomes. Basically, select this if you genuinely can't afford the Standard rate.

Waged: The standard rate; if in doubt, select this.

Solidarity: For anyone with a bit of extra cash to spare who'd like to help make the convention better for everyone.



10:14 am 8/04/13

A big Like for the website panel beating.  Waged and unwaged are easy.  Solidarity?  Why not put it as an add on gratuity option like the banks and airlines and Trade Me do for their favourite charities?  So we can register AND make a contribution.  Consider Kotahi Koha for solidarity.

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