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6:26 pm 31/05/12

So what would you like to see happen at the con? Ideas here!


7:22 pm 4/06/12



11:53 am 5/06/12

Yes, I'm sure that will happen in large quantities, but it probably doesn't need to be a formally programmed item 8)


3:00 pm 5/06/12

And why not? Let's have a panel on Alcohol And Other Recreation Drugs in Sci-Fi. With tastings.


12:26 pm 7/06/12

I'd quite like to see a panel dedicated to pulp-era SF&F.


4:21 pm 7/06/12

A discussion of the pulp magazines and/or film serials? That definitely has potential.


7:45 pm 7/06/12

There were quite a few panels the UnCONventional that I enjoyed that we could try again and build on 
The mapping ones,
SF and social issues - over population was done what about environment eg can mining astroids solve all our problems


Zombie apocolypse - how prepared are we?

Alternative History - what does it say about the present?




8:23 pm 8/06/12
I liked The End is Nigh sign it should become a tradition

3:37 pm 9/06/12

I liked The End is Nigh sign it should become a tradition
~ Louise

If the ConCom would like me to, I'm happy to bring a portable version to Au Contraire II & do the 5 minute warnings.


10:05 am 10/06/12

I'd also like to see Au Contraire maintain a strong tradition of beating Simon Litten with musical instruments.


11:56 am 10/06/12

Thanks, Craig! Your assistance is very welcome, though we really should roster it so you're not stuck with doing it every hour. And we might make a less portable copy down here; the sign shouldn't be too discreet.

Chris - we'll see what we can arrange ;)


2:44 pm 10/06/12
One thing I found frustrating about the 2012 programming is every time board games was programmed it was only there cause it was up against an item EVERYONE was going to so what was the point of even programming it in cause it never happened. I will admit that weekend I was suffering withdrawal symptoms cause have barely had a chance to play most of May, and none in June so far. Normally I can cope with the above style of programming better.

11:07 am 11/06/12

Given my hopes to get more people who show up to Kapcon and similar events attending, I'm going to have to make an effort to make the board-gaming more 'first class' in the timetable.

Though there will be the normal problems of 'lots of possible events, limited time to have them in'.

Still, I will do my best to make sure the gaming isn't just a 'becasue we need something to fill in a slot here' option.

-- Brett, Au Contraire Gaming Coordinator


11:24 am 11/06/12

I think a bunch of scheduled "learn to play X" sessions might be helpful for people who're interested but haven't actually played anything more complicated than Snakes & Ladders before...


9:24 pm 11/06/12

Beating SImon with musical instruments? When, where and why did that happen at UnCONventional? How did I miss that spectacle?


7:48 am 13/06/12

From what i saw at unCONventional, and Au Contraire 1, schedule 3 hour games during the day if they are child friendly, and in the evening if not. Board gaming held in the bar has worked much better than a specified room for it. Live games are best done in evenings, and should possibly be open to non-members for a $5 or $10 fee... that way people that are interested in one or two larps and not the con as a whole can attend, and Au Contraire can make some money on it.


7:51 pm 13/06/12

If Anna Klein is GoH, can we get her to do a talk on Lovecraftian fiction?




10:15 am 14/06/12

Lynelle - not at UnCONventional, possibly because it would draw people away from whatever panels were scheduled for the same time.  The original beating was at Au Contraire 1, as part of a black magic ritual to drive away the spirits of tedium and dull speeches.  It worked so well, I think we're onto a good thing with it and see no reason to change next year's approach.


7:38 pm 14/06/12

Definitely on the Lovecraft talk!


9:05 am 17/06/12

I think chrisrk raises a good point that we need to make sure that the successful use of black magic, voodoo and the other interesting arts by the ConCom of AC-1 is repeated.

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