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7:40 pm 22/06/13

Hey Wellington folk who are looking at attending the Horse Sense 101 event on Friday afternoon!

Do you also have, or have access to, a van or people mover that SpecFicNZ/Au Contraire might be able to commandeer for the afternoon?

Here's the thing. The marvellous Sally McLennan is running a super-special session on horses for writers. Specifically, taking a vanload of peeps out to the farm and getting up close and personal with actual real-life horses, and maybe dispelling some of the misconceptions writers might have about them, giving them a feel for what they're like up close.

Blurb goes as follows: "Horse Sense for Writers: horses are an important element in a lot of fantasy and historical stories, but how well do you really know them? Take a trip off site to see some real horses up close, and learn a whole lot about their needs, capabilities, and other information crucial for anyone intending to write fiction featuring these invaluable beasts. Bring wet weather gear and sensible shoes, plus cash to cover transport costs. Numbers are limited."

In order to acheive this, we need to get people there. We can hire a van, but we'll have to put that cost back on those who want to attend, which would kind of suck. As it is, we'd like to find a couple of people with 8-10 seaters, who can make the 2-5pm Friday time slot, to drive people up to the farm in Upper Hutt. You'll be recompensed for your fuel costs, and as a bonus, you will attend the session free!

Can anyone help? Dop a comment here, or feel free to email your details to, so that Kelly can pass on your details, and we can talk.


Dan Rabarts


8:13 pm 22/06/13

I assume you'd also like to hear from people with ordinary cars? You'd need more of them, but I expect there are rather more people with access to such vehicles.


3:13 pm 30/06/13

Indeed - If we could get enough seats to take 15-20 people up there, it would still work out cheaper than paying to rent a mini-van.

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