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1:04 am 20/06/13

The only con I've ever have been to living in Wellington is Armageddon and as some may know, it is not much of a con in this sense. It's more of place to buy and for the average person to pass through with their kids. Is Au Contraire more social and are Anime and Video Games supported? I can't find any proper con that suports otaku culture.


8:21 am 20/06/13

Hi! Yes, Au Contraire is much more of a social event than a retail event, and a couple of orders of magnitude smaller than Armageddon. There isn't much in the way of programming focusing specifically on anime or video games, but those media obviously include a lot of SF/F content, and there will be plenty of fans of both in attendance. Cosplay based on anime or games is very welcome, both casually and in the Masquerade. A couple of my personal favourite shows are Evangelion and Princess Tutu.

If anyone wants to run an anime and/or a video game panel, let us know; we could possibly still slot it in to the schedule.


10:51 am 12/07/13

Hi people,

I might be having a pre-coffee moment, but I can't seem to find where one would register for "limited" events (or even which ones these are). Is there a section on the website for that?

Thanks for any answers. :)


12:12 pm 12/07/13

Click on the event on the timetable and it will take you to the signup page for that event. Any such event has "[more...]" shown underneath. Let me know if you have any trouble!

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