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10:25 pm 17/06/13

I'm wondering if it would be worthwhile bringing a couple of banana boxes of old SF magazines down from Auckland with me? Analog, Asimovs, F&SF, and other misc stuff 1960s-1980s. Can anyone give me a clue? Sorry, don't want to sound like promoting, just want to figure logistics.


9:58 am 18/06/13

How much hassle will it be to transport them? I imagine there would be at least some interest.


11:04 pm 18/06/13

I'm flying, so I'd be looking at digging out my biggest suitcase to take up to the limit as checked luggage and if feeling particularly optimistic (or masochistic?) shipping a box to pick up from work's Wellington office in Victoria St.


9:01 am 19/06/13

Personally I'd suggest just the suitcase.


7:25 pm 1/07/13
Re: The Floating Markest - Are we going to receive confirmation that there is a space for us? I can see from my entry that I have asked for a table, but it doesn't indicate that this has been read and understood. I will not be able to transport too much stuff, coming up form Christchurch, but hope to have a selection of my hand-assembled collectible art cards (made from prints of my original art) for sale. Along with several books - both mine and those belonging to other Christchurch self-published authors.

12:12 pm 2/07/13

If the site shows you as signed up, then you definitely have a table.


11:23 am 6/07/13
Coolies, thanks!

11:18 am 3/06/16

Hi. I can't find any info on the floating market on the website (other than the mention in the timetable). That may be because I'm not looking hard enough. Can anyone tell me the details (when and where)?




12:18 pm 6/06/16

Sorry, I wasn't online over the weekend! Hope you managed to find out what you needed by other means.

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