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10:32 pm 27/10/12

So, has anyone booked their flights yet?

anyone other than me, that is?



9:33 am 28/10/12

Good question. Probably overkill in my case (the venue is closer than the airport!) but for anyone travelling from out of town, you should definitely be thinking about it! I see some of the cheapest fares are already sold out.


5:11 pm 29/10/12
kjb wrote:

Probably overkill in my case (the venue is closer than the airport!)

Unless you decided to have the entire ConCom + Guests lowered into the Opening Ceremony by Helicopter, yes.

It'd be spectacular though, if the budget stretches that far?


7:54 pm 29/10/12

The hotel might be reluctant to have us back if we cut a hole in the roof, though.


6:17 pm 1/11/12

Hmmmm, ... As you say, that would be problematic; It's a nice hotel.


7:20 pm 10/12/12

Approaching the subject from the other direction, if we're going to get banned we may as well go out with a bang: set the place on fire.


5:22 pm 11/12/12

No no no, merely setting fire to the place would be quite inadequate; actually blowing it up would be the least we could do, and stealing the entire structure and depositing it on the moon would be preferable. That is a rather large if, though! Not getting banned is most definitely the ideal option.


10:46 pm 29/01/13

We've just booked ours from Chch, still a few grabaseat seats left.


7:52 pm 9/04/13

@crazyscot - getting fewer.  I've got mine from Gizzy. Should be enough of us to justify Craig's helicopter

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