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Event Signup: LARP: The Discarded

In 2172 AD the most repulsive mutant horrors were expelled from earth. For 14 long lonely years, you, the dribbling, infected creatures of nightmare have been doomed to wander the solar system in a rusty shell of a space ship. No refuge to be found on any of the terra-formed planets. No place to call home. A character-experience focused game rather than a plot focused game that explores the concepts of beauty and humanity. In a society seeking the ultimate in physical beauty, what becomes of those who are less than perfect?

Written by Matt Brunton, facilitated by Matt Brunton and Anna Klein.

For mature players over 18 due to concepts; no experience required.

Costuming Requirements: please embellish yourself with one physical deformity, the more revolting/over the top/sci-fi the better (it doesn't have to be convincing!)

Please provide your name and email address in the notes field, along with an indication of what previous roleplaying experience you've had, if any (including larping, tabletop, computer gaming, etc).

Time: 2pm Friday
Duration: 4.0 hours

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