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Charity Auction

A chance to obtain some interesting items of SF/F memorabilia. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to the convention's primary charity, the Wellington Women's Refuge.

Items may be donated to the auction, or we can sell them on your behalf for a 10% commission; you don't have to be a member of the convention. Au Contraire reserves the right to accept or reject items submitted for the auction as it sees fit. The auction is most suited for particularly rare or interesting items; if you have bulk lots or lower-value merchandise to sell, the Floating Market might be a better option.

Items in the auction will include:

  • A limited edition Superman Returns sculpture from Weta collectibles, originally US$300 and now sold out.
  • A unique print of the Regeneration cover art signed by the artist.
  • A Doctor Who audio script signed by Tom Baker
  • Autographed photos of Walter Koenig (Star Trek, Babylon 5) and Connor Trineer (Enterprise, Stargate: Atlantis).
  • Assorted signed books.
  • And more...

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